Winter Wildings – March

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I have been busy doing the winter things here.  Working, reading, planning and just putzing around.  I’m going to photo dump with some information about the photos, anyone of these could turn into a blog at some point.

Last summer I grew a lot of potatoes but they are now starting to grow eyes and need to be preserved.  One of the ways I have preserved them is to make hash browns and french fries.  I have been blanching these and then freezing (basically).

I have been saving the potato starch for thickening.  After all I have spent a lot of time growing organic nutrient dense food so I should utilize all I can.

We took a sunny day to disappear into the woods for a while.  Sitting in the sun by the fire was much needed.  I read, I rested, I breathed in deep, I journaled.

Thrift is also apart of the homestead, but this isn’t just thrift.  Fresh ground flours contain more nutrients than flour that is sitting around oxidizing.  There are many more benefits to fresh ground.  A blog post will come about this later.

I decided it was time for something yummy. Lemon Lavender Staghorn Sumac cakes, they were delicious.

Of course I used home rendered pastured lard from the pig we processed last year with friends.


More updates coming.  I have been elbow deep in starting seeds as well.


Enjoy the slow times. If you don’t have them you may need to make them.

More later.




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