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Saturday October 22, 2022

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Today’s notes, thoughts, and whatever…

I got up early at 5 am and have been working on personal paperwork and organizing for the day.  The cat has been less than helpful while I did that by getting into papers and taking off with my pencil. In the mornings I really struggle with the rush of information my brain puts out and I struggle to process it all and get it to slow down, then by 3 pm my brain just is done.  I am not sure how to remedy this or organize the thoughts that appear in my brain and breed like rabbits but rest like a pile of tangled spaghetti. I wrote some things down, worked out, stretched and sometimes that slows the brain and organizes it.  Today not so much.  It’s 7:41 and sunrise is at 8:07.  I have carrots to pull and wash for canning and fermenting,  sweet sorghum to cut, peel and juice for syrup.  I don’t have a dinner plan but I do have to sort apples we picked from the trees several weeks ago and I will pull the softer ones and make some apple rice wraps for dinner.  What did I do with that recipe? I think I will make some coffee and some scrambled eggs, but first I need to put the dishes away.

Folks, I’m not nearly as organized as most people think.  My brain goes non-stop, mostly at an uncontrolled and frantic pace.  I do carry around a notebook in a pocket most days, just to jot down ideas, thoughts, and lists.  I then try to go back over them at night before I forget what “Holistic P” or “juniper + rose” means.

I have to get, all this needs to be done by noon…


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