Life Happens, Seasons Change, and Time Marches On…

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Life happens, seasons change, and time marches on.

It doesn’t matter if we have hills to climb, the clock keeps moving and things of this life still need our attention despite the fact that the hills have turned into mountains.  The past few months we’ve been loving on some people in our lives that needed us. The past few weeks the mountain we hike has not been one of our own choosing. The trails have changed daily and sometimes hourly. Strewn with switchbacks and boulders, but we manage, together.    We climb this mountain, exhausted with heavy burdens, but we do so willingly, eagerly out of love, respect, duty. It is an honor and privilege to assist people we love and care about.  This mountain will eventually fade into our distant past, but the memories shall carry on in our hearts forever.

Because of this please forgive my absence last week.  The blog is still in infancy, I still have much to learn which means it takes me longer than it should to figure out how the gritty details of blogging and posting efficiently.


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