The Preparation for a Day of Gratefulness

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This is one of those more seasonal and traditional posts.  Folks always ask if I eat different on the holidays.  Kinda.  My gravy will include the boiled neck, liver and gizzard, apparently that is weird. Yet every person I’ve met loves my mom’s gravy. That is how she’s always made it and taught me. My fat choices for baking will be home rendered lard from the hog we butchered with friends.  I will try using some staghorn sumac in the cranberry sauce, the vegetables and herbs are all home grown, the apple cider vinegar will be home grown and home made. But overall our celebration will look quite traditional. We may corn some fresh venison and make some coleslaw from the garden cabbages. That means we have to butcher the deer and dig the cabbage out of the snow. However corning the venison takes several days, so I guess that is out,  but I have some canned.

One of these years I will have a wild turkey on my table and that will be a feather in my cap that I just might brag about a bit!

Anyway, at times the work seems overwhelming.  I have found working in bite sized pieces over the week before things like this really help me, especially since I am working off the homestead. Working and getting ready for a gathering can be tricky to do without losing your mind.  There I said it.  Cooking from scratch and for food allergies complicates things but it doesn’t need to if you plan ahead and you prep as much as you can ahead of time. Here is my tentative schedule for prep and cooking. I will update you with photos later in the week.

Friday– Cook Squash for pie and pumpkin roll

Saturday– make green bean casserole sauce and onions, but don’t mix together yet.

Sunday– Thaw Turkeys, make cranberry sauce. Work Day

Monday–  remove Mr. bubbles and feed, dump hooch.  Work Day

Tuesday– Make bread and rolls, let rise over night. Make pumpkin roll cake part and frosting (leave separate), make pie crust and filling (leave separate). Work Day

Wednesday-Brine Turkey, bake rolls and bread, get stuffing ready but don’t bake. Work Day

Thursday– cook turkey, put the pie together and bake, bake stuffing, bake green bean casserole

It really helps keep me not freak out over the amount of scratch cooking that needs to be done if I break it down into bite sized pieces over a few days instead of getting up at 4 and working myself  into a frenzy.  It also leaves me time to stretch, exercise, and think about what an amazing year it has been.

I am incredibly grateful, 2022 has been one for the books!  I am beyond thankful and humbled for the blessings that have showered down. I am thankful for the family, friends and community I have surrounding me.

Here are some links to recipes and one of my favorite cookbooks.

Smoked Brined Turkey-Bearded Butchers

We will not be smoking the turkey, just baking it.  We will be using this brine though.

Gluten Free Green Bean Casserole

I will probably use ground pork rinds and I will be using my own home canned green beans

Cranberry Sauce

I might try sumac instead of the orange juice, maybe 1/2 a batch for myself incase others don’t like it.

Grain Free Pumpkin Pie

Gluten Free Pumpkin Roll

We have to replace eggs in this, see below for the recipe gelatin egg or the link for egg replacer.  Gelatin eggs seem to work for 2 eggs but after that it gets iffy.  Also, for dairy free you could make a vanilla frosting.

Sourdough Buttermilk BiscuitsGluten Free Flour Mix

I will sub out the flour and use my gluten free flours.  There is a recipe below.  I sometimes use this but I also switch things up with the blends too.

Gelatin Egg



As an Amazon affiliate I have to inform you that the links below do add a few cents to my piggy bank. Thanks for your support.



Against All Grain Celebrations Cookbook

Hands down one of my favorite holiday cookbooks.  The recipes always get great reviews even from those not allergic to foods.

Egg Replacer

Grass Fed Gelatin

Great for gummies, jello, egg replacer, etc…



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