Diary: May 14 to 20, 2023

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Since I am going back through and adding posts to catch up I am remembering what a beautiful week this was in flowers.  However, it was full of some cold nights and frosts so the plant babies had to come inside many times over the week. I do dream of a greenhouse one day.


The crabapple.


Wild violets.

This trio is all edible so I made flower sugar to be used in teas and baking later.

My attempts at marigolds still fail BUT I have a lot of calendula!

The lake side mystery apple tree in full bloom.

The ostrich fern is slowly waking from its slumber.

The strawberries are in bloom, the bees are happy.

The field is getting green.

The wild cherry trees are in bloom.

Stinging nettles are ready for harvest…carefully.

A baby!!! We have tried hard to avoid going in this area with the tractor now until the babies fly away.

Time for some weeds in the salad.



A spider on the blueberries, do you see it?


And another spring week has flown by at a furious pace. I really wish I could enjoy these days more but I end up working so much.  It really is good I take photos for this blog or I may not take time to enjoy the spring flora and fauna.

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