May 21 to May 27, 2023

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I love this time of year with its blooms, planting and fresh things popping up all around.  The lilacs smell so lovely.  This year we got to enjoy them because they weren’t hit by frost quickly.

The potatoes are popping up nicely.

The bees have woken up from their winter nap and are happily pollenating all the things.

The babies are hatching.  This little robin wasn’t very old!

I made lavender sugar for the first time this year. OH MY!

I will be making a lot more next year.

Playing with sourdough discard.  These gluten free, egg free (celiac and allergy) chocolate chip sourdough were amazing.

The elephant garlic is HUGE!


One of the first spices to come up in the spring are my chives. They are always so pretty too.

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