July 9th to July 15th

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The potatoes are starting to get big!

Some of the beets the deer didn’t get are ready to pick. These are my favorite food.

And now we have a rabbit. grrrrr….

My onions are getting really big! I can’t wait to see how big they get.

Scout napping while I weed.

Beets, greens, garlic and potatoes for dinner. We ate it all, no leftovers.

Every time I buy a lemon I save the seeds and put them in a pot.  I do have to cover it so the cat doesn’t eat the leaves. I will use this in some dishes but they need to be put in separate pots.


More work with the trees but this time we are making ramial wood chips.  I will be making a blog post about the benefits of these and why we went though the trouble.

The wild blueberries are ripe!

As are the wild raspberries!

A mama spider protecting her egg sack.  I let her stay, she can eat all the bugs and so can her babies!

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