Making Wildcrafted Greens Powder

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One of my goals has been to get diversity into my diet this year.  So I have been foraging, wildcrafting, wild harvesting…or whatever you want to call it all year.  It has been a great way to add variety into my diet and to learn about wild and not so wild plants.

There are many benefits to adding a wide array of plants into your diet from your garden, yard and the wild.  One reason to reach outside your yard and your neighborhood is the soils, bacteria, insects, birds, animals and plant relationships change.  We know that plants talk to each other, insects and animals pollinate and fertilize, trees fertilize but also mine nutrients from deep within the earth.  All these things effect the nutritional, enzymatic and bacterial make up of plants.  That can change with each neighborhood.  So collecting food from many areas could possibly add a lot of good stuffs to your belly and in return feed your body.  We also know just being out in nature is such a boost to our mood, immunity, and overall health that it is worth it to carve out the time to do it. I am placing a link to a video presentation by a Professor of Genetic Epidemiology and it may help you understand the importance of diversity in the diet.

I have put so many things into the greens powder and because of that I have probably forgotten all that I have included.   However, here is a list in no specific order of some of the plants I have added as I harvested from the wild or my garden throughout the year. Each one has a link for you to visit so you can learn about the beautiful bounty that surrounds us.

Fig Leaf

Mulberry Leaf

Raspberry Leaf

Strawberry Leaf

Nasturtium Leaf

Nasturtium Flower

Brocoli Leaf

Chicory Leaf

Sweet Potato Leaf

You can add any of these, none of these, dried fruit, dried vegetables…anything you wish! This is your experiment!  I will add these to a smoothie or a soup.

As with anything you should probably start small, introduce one at a time to make sure you don’t have issues with one of your choices before combining them all and having to toss the whole batch.  Anyone of these can be used alone, some are used commonly in cooking and as teas.

Anyway, I have taken all of these, washed them, dehydrated them in my Excaliburs and then pulverized them in my Ninja. You may have to sift out some woody stems once you are finished.  This is probably not going to dissolve like a nice purchased powder would but for me thats okay.




As always, foraging and eating strange foods are done at your own risk.  Make sure you have consulted someone with knowledge about foraging wild plants.

Links to the products I talk about are affiliate links, I do get a little bit of financial reward if you use my affiliate to purchase items using it.


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